sweeping our path

On Sunday morning, I’ll be offering a new Sensing class.   Starting a new group means going into the unknown with people I have not met before.  Not knowing what will happen stirs excitement, and also trepidation – I’ve always felt some shyness in new situations.  Sensing teaches me that focusing on uncomplicated actions helps me clarify my experience, so I went out to sweep the stairs and pathway to my office.

Sweeping in the warm and humid air, letting myself enjoy the task – that is my Sensing practice today.  As I swept, I thought of my Sensing teacher, Lee Klinger Lesser.  She writes here about finding her way in a messy task.  Her teacher, Charlotte Selver, said “The best choices are made when we are simply in a thing, doing what we are doing with our whole selves.  We spend so much time in our lives wanting something, and going against it at the same time” 

For years I have had this little monk with his broom here on a shelf in my office.  Today I feel I understand how he looks so happy.

Screen Shot 2018-08-18 at 2.28.28 PM

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